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Affordable Healthcare Solutions

At Affordable Healthcare Solutions, we work on behalf of the needs and budget of our clients. We put the POWER in the hands of our clients, and maximize their healthcare options by focusing on Private Health-Based options, as well as Income based options to help lower their payments, deductibles and max out of pocket costs. 


Calvenn Starre

The Benefits of Working with Me

As an insurance Advisor, my goal is to first educate you on all of the options available, so that you can confidently choose the best type of coverage for you and your family. There are literally hundreds of plans to choose from online, and each of them have something different to offer you. 

I personally specialize in private, health-based plans that offer you Nationwide Coverage. 

Whether you have a job, or Self-Employed, there are plans to fit your needs and maximize your Tax Benefits. Most people do not know that Self-Employed individuals can write-off 100% of their premiums and out of pocket costs with certain plans. 

I look forward to speaking you today, so we can take care of, and maximize your insurance needs. 

You can call or text me directly on my Personal Cell Phone at:
(561) 345-0571



Write-Off 100% on Your Taxes

Tax Savings for the Self-Employed. Many private options offer the Self-Employed a 100% Tax Write-Off for their insurance premiums and any out of pocket expenses. 

The BASE® HRA is an IRS-approved tax savings plan created through Code Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code that allows business owners the opportunity to deduct these expenses as a business deduction. Around since 1954, this type of HRA was granted Safe Harbor in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for businesses with 1 employee.

The BASE® Health Reimbursement Arrangement is a great method of increasing tax savings for small business owners. A Section 105 BASE® HRA can be administered to a wide variety of small businesses, such as a farmer and rancher, self-employed computer contractor, and more.




Medical Bills

Bankruptcy caused by Medical Bills

The leading cause of Bankruptcy in America is caused by Medical Bills. The fact is that the cost of medical treatment is the highest its ever been in the USA, and there is no sign of it going down.

Medical bills are reported to be the number-one cause of U.S. bankruptcies. One study has claimed that 62.1% of bankruptcies were caused by medical issues.1 Another claims that over two million people are adversely affected by their medical expenses.

Reports from different entities are constantly published, such as the survey results of people with employer-sponsored insurance by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) / LA Times Survey in 2019. The study found that one in five people surveyed have been contacted by collection agencies, while 9% of those surveyed stated that they had declared personal bankruptcy due to medical expenses.

Put the Power Back in
Your Health Insurance Plan

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Health Insurance Policies


Happy Customers

I have helped thousands of individuals find the best possible coverage for their needs. Here are a few that have shared in our success: 


Christopher Henry

Calvenn was super helpful and had me setup in under an hour. 


Health Logan

Appreciate the personal care and guidance when trying to navigate the insurance market and find the best policy that best suited my individual needs. 


Tina Losinger

 I have never had to shop for insurance. Calvin was thorough and professional and made the process painless.


Robert Rankin

I was looking for a policy for my 27 years old son while he was in-between jobs and Calvenn was able to find him an affordable plan that covered medical, dental and vision for a very reasonable price. 


Michelle Reynolds

I really enjoyed working with Calvenn. Knowledgeable and excellent customer service. 


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